Ballarat City

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Overall Area
Main TownsBallarat
Land UseResidential
Main IndustriesManufacturing
Main Natural FeaturesLake Wendouree
Woowookarung Regional Park
Yarrowee River

Ballarat is the second largest urban centre within the region and has a population of around 110,000 and is forecast to grow to be approximately 150,000 by the early 2030s. The Traditional Owners are the Wadawurrung.

An important asset to Ballarat is Lake Wendouree, a man-made lake covering 200 hectares, located a couple of kilometres west of the town centre. Lake Wendouree is on the Directory of Important Wetlands in Australia, is also a significant recreational lake for locals and visitors alike, having hosted international level rowing, fishing and yachting events.

An important waterway within the Ballarat Landscape system is the Yarrowee River, a key tributary to the Leigh River, which feeds into the Barwon. Part of the Yarrowee River flows through Ballarat’s central business district and was placed underground through a bluestone-lined channel.

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The Ballarat City Landscape System covers the urban centre of Ballarat, the largest inland city within Victoria and the second largest city within the Coragamite CMA region. Surrounded entirely by the Northern Uplands to the west, south and east, its’ northern border is the edge of the CCMA boundary. Ownership is mostly private urban land, but there are a number of small public land parcels within the urban area – many of which are public reserves for recreation. Main parks and reserves are the Mullawallah Wetlands Nature Conservation Reserve to the north west, the Woowookarung Regional Park to the southeast and Lake Wendouree in central Ballarat.