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The Corangamite region has formed through landscape-building episodes over the past 600 million years, in a variety of environments ranging from deep sea sedimentation to explosive volcanoes. Landscapes continually evolve and processes such as earthquakes, landslides and even saline groundwater discharge, are manifestations of this evolutionary process.

The Corangamite region has rich and diverse landscapes, reflecting its geological, climatic and human history. The natural resources of our region are critical to sustaining the lifestyle of its residents and visitors, as well as providing important habitat for flora and fauna. They support valuable industries such as agriculture and nature-based tourism and underpin the region’s urban water supply needs.

For the purposes of this strategy, land is identified in the context of land use, soil health and sustainable agriculture. Within this context management of land will require place-based actions being delivered within particular landscapes. The landscape systems of the region are outlined in the local areas section of this strategy.