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Several factors can impact on the currency of this Regional Catchment Strategy, such as sudden changes to environmental conditions, access to new data or information, movements in government policy and shifts in available resources.  Periodic amendments to the strategy may therefore be important to keep it up to date.

Any updates to the approved Regional Catchment Strategy will only be made after a process that includes a period of community consultation and Ministerial consideration and approval (as per the requirements of the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1994).

In summary, the process for identifying, considering and approving updates will be:

  • Potential updates or improvements to the strategy can be proposed to the Catchment Management Authority at any time by any organisation or individual
  • Once per year, in a state-wide coordinated process, each Catchment Management Authority may recommend any important updates for its Regional Catchment Strategy to the Minister, which will be considered by the Minister and, if approved, made to the strategy by the authority.

While this process for periodically updating the strategy will enable regular community input and improvement, there will also be the following formal stages of review:

  • A mid-term review of the strategy will be undertaken after three years (which will report on progress towards achieving the desired outcomes, assess effectiveness of the strategy to date and identify changes for the strategy or decisions required to deal with more substantial issues)
  • A stage of major review and strategy renewal will also be undertaken every six years, including extensive community consultation.